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Care Instructions for Cooking with Black Steel (Carbon Steel)

Black Steel is the perfect pan to use on high heat, unlike your nonstick pans. They can be cranked up high to create beautifully charred meats and crispy skin fish filets, restaurant chefs use Black Steel pans that designed to take high heat. Searing caramelizes the outside and locks in flavor. Like woks, once a carbon steel pan is seasoned, the surface turns black so there is no need to brandish a scouring pad and cleanser. This coating will help create a nonstick surface on the pan.

Some additional care needs to be taken with Black Steel.

  • Never soak a carbon steel pan in water or place in a dishwasher. Simply scrub with a little soap to remove particulates and grease, rinse, then heat the pan on stove top until dry and the pan is ready to use again.
  • Acidic ingredients such as lemon juice and tomatoes can affect the seasoning of the pan, but that is easily remedied by the following the manufacturer’s directions to re season.

To re season:

  • Poor some cooking oil into the pan, set the cooking surface to a medium heat setting.
  • Spread the oil evenly around the surface of the pan and wait until the smoke appears then turn the heat off.
  • Once the pan is cooled wash down with water and wipe dry.
  • The pan has now been re seasoned and is ready to use again.
  • Ensure pans are completely dry before storing to prevent rust.

When cooking, the surface may change colour when heated and that this is absolutely normal for a pre-seasoned pan.

Black Carbon Steel Cookware