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2020 Food Trends


Each year, New Zealanders are inspired by food trends from around the world such as plant-based diets and improving gut health with the likes of kombucha. This year, with the continued growth of environmental awareness, a key trend that’s further ingrained itself into Kiwis lives is being more conscious about our food, where it comes from, how it is produced and what eco-footprint it leaves behind.

Another developing trend is the desire for a quick and convenient meal. Kiwis are on the hunt for ways to make their lives easier through convenient food that is fast and affordable whilst also being fresh, nutritious, delicious and sustainable.

So how do we find a middle ground where we provide our bodies with fresh nutrients and use environmentally friendly products in a timely and easy manner? We’ve compiled some easy ways to make your life easier in the kitchen and some top tips on how to be more conscious when it comes to consumption.

Meal prepping time savers

Meal prepping after a long day at work can often be a drag and make you want to opt for a fast food fix instead. A better use of your funds, that’ your body will thank you for later, is finding easy ways to speed up the meal prepping.

Nothing beats a multi-cooker when it comes to convenient, easy cooking. Whether you’re after a beef stew or vegetable soup, a multi-cooker allows you to throw in all the ingredients and leave it to cook, saving you a ton of prep time and the ability to cook large portions that can last for days. Another bonus, there is minimal cleaning up!

Looking for a quick and simple way to get your nutrients in? Spin your favourite freshly washed salad greens or rinsed vegetables in a salad spinner, add your protein, a drizzle of olive oil, a dash of herbs and serve right from the bowl.

Prep meals quicker than ever by using the right tools – prepare veggies like carrot, cucumber and cabbage using a multi-purpose tool where you can swap out a grater for a mandolin slicer super easily, saving you time and dishes.

Growing your own herb garden is sustainable and convenient, but when it comes to chopping up herbs, it can get messy. A mezzaluna knife is the perfect way to tidily chop herbs up easily.

Conscious consumption

New Zealanders are more conscious than ever before and want to take action as climate change continues to make its mark. People are seeking out brands that provide eco-friendly products and reusable items and are following the latest trends in zero-waste cooking. So how can you make your kitchen more conscious?

When heading to your local supermarket, you may find that the fresh produce section still offers plastic bags for fruit and veg. Some supermarkets are changing, but make sure to always bring along a reusable produce bag to store all your goods in. Pair this with a reusable shopping bag and know that those two small steps can make a big difference.

If you’re guilty of cooking a little too much food, rather than throwing it out, keep leftovers fresh by storing in reusable glass containers. Either take the leftovers to work the next day for lunch, place in the freezer or add them into another meal to avoid any food waste.

Get creative in the kitchen, be mindful at the shops and get ready to make your mark more consciously.

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