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Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea accessories to get the day started. No morning is complete without one's coffee and tea ritual, which is why Stevens offer a great selection of Mugs and Cups to ensure your day starts off just right. With dozens of options to choose from, you'll find the perfect cup that compliments your style. The range offers a variety of mugs in double-wall glass, enamelware, and both young and new china, catering to everyone's preference. For those always on the move, our Travel Mugs are the perfect travel buddy. Thanks to brands like KeepCup and Momento, you can have every drink turned into a takeaway. For those who enjoy a leisurely morning at home, there's nothing quite like crafting your own favourite drink. Our selection of Stovetop and Plungers are ideal for anyone wanting to make a brew at home. In this selection you can find a wide range Bialetti espresso makers and Bodum coffee plungers. Don't worry tea drinks, we have a dedicated collection for you in our Tea Pots range,