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Presents with pizazz for all price-points
Posted in Christmas

Presents with pizazz for all price-points

No matter how low-key you’re trying to keep your Christmas, the shopping list can quickly get overwhelming. But we’re here to help with gift suggestions for three price points — under $50, under $100, and over $100 — all of which can be easily ordered online and delivered to your door. So whether you’re buying for an office Secret Santa, your tricky-to-buy-for father-in-law, or the most important person in your life, read on for the perfect gift to suit.

Under $50

For the drinks connoisseur

What’s not to like about a home cocktail-making set? Perfect for anyone who enjoys a summer tipple, the Gentlemen’s Hardware cocktail set (which includes a spirit measure, glass jar with strainer and a wooden muddling stick) is currently on sale for $27.99. Add a thoughtful bunch of mint leaves and get started on a mojito-themed drinks date.

If you think your giftee is more the straight-up liquor type, you can’t go past the Gentlemen’s Hardware whisky glasses. Currently on sale for $24.49 a pair, they’re ingeniously designed to be able to rotate without spilling a drop of golden elixir, making them perfect for those who like to swirl and sniff.

Giving to someone who’s all about domesticity and dinner parties? A wine carafe allows a wine to breathe, which basically means oxygen can react with it, changing the flavour for the better (as a bonus, a carafe also lends any table setting instant sophistication). The Momento crystalline carafe is just the ticket, currently on sale for $34.99.

For the office Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love a sweet-smelling gift? The Irish Max Benjamin range comes in a wide range of delicious scents, but we’re particularly fond of coffee and cardamom. With hints of bergamot, cardamom and bamboo, it’s at once calming and invigorating — ideal for kitchens and living areas. The candle in a tin is currently a bargainous $31.99; the 100ml diffuser $39.99.

If the weather’s good, summer in New Zealand is all about camping, picnicking, beaching and barbecuing. As such, everyone needs a picnic rug in their life, and it’s always nice to have a new one that’s not stained with the tomato sauce of summers past. Give your Secret Santa the Smash Amazon picnic rug (currently on sale for just $27.99). Warning: it’s such a cool gift, you’ll want to relinquish your anonymity in order to accept the lavish praise.

For the foodie

Homemade ice blocks for kids are a winner over summer, not to mention being better for them than those you buy in shops. And of course adults also enjoy frozen treats, making the cute Koji ring-pop mold (currently on sale for $20.99) a great gift for anyone who likes to potter about in the kitchen. Extra-thoughtful gift givers could also include a printout of this lovely mango and raspberry popsicle recipe by Kelly Gibney.

Summer salad season is in full swing, and even the most casual of cooks will appreciate a bottle of 5 Extra Virgin olive oil (currently on sale for $38.24), made from hand-selected, cold-pressed olives harvested in the tiny Greek village of Finiki. The oil is bottled in beautiful circular glass bottles, which would look great on any kitchen bench.

Got a serious foodie to buy for? Get them a Mad Millie Italian cheese kit. Anyone who loves good cheese and knows their way around a kitchen bench will enjoy making their own rich and creamy mozzarella, bocconcini, ricotta, burrata and mascarpone… and be stunned by how simple it is.

For the party person

Cheese- and wine-lovers will appreciate this cheese and wine serving set (on sale at $41.99), which includes a wooden board, corkscrew/bottle opener and stylish cheese knife. And for the Jane or James Bond of the kitchen, go for the fabulous kitchen multi-tool (currently $41.99), which handily includes a cheese grater, garlic crusher, zester, several knives, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, carving fork and serving spoon.

Drinks parties and barbecues are summer highlights... as well as the occasions when you remember that you don’t have any plates big enough to serve up your lovingly baked/purchased canapés. Give someone a beautiful Costa Nova serving platter (currently $48.99) and guarantee yourself an invite to their next canapé function.

And group picnics are a breeze with the cleverly designed Smash Amazon picnic basket. It’s stylish and functional, with a bright-green leaf print and an insulated interior to keep your food and drinks cool en route to your destination. It’s currently on sale for $49.99.

Over $50

For the gadget fan

If you’ve got a little bit more to spend, there are lots of excellent options for hard-to-buy-for men and women in your life. Those who love a good breakfast fry-up will appreciate the genius behind the multi-section frying pan (on sale for $69.99), which has two sections for egg frying/scrambling, plus a rectangular griddle area that’s tailormade for crispy bacon and sausages.

Any oenophile will admire the sleek good looks and superb functionality of the Rabbit corkscrew and foil cutter (currently on sale for $69.99), which expertly removes a cork from a bottle and ejects it in just three seconds.

Over $100

For kitchen pros

A great knife revolutionises food preparation. From expertly dicing onions to simply slicing lemon wedges for a G&T, a good-quality knife makes kitchen work quicker and easier. Splash out on on a Japanese-designed stainless steel Global knife (currently on sale from $98.59) or go for German precision with a sleek Wusthof knife (currently on sale from $152.99). And don’t forget to put a coin in the box: superstition says that a knife as a gift ‘cuts’ a friendship, so if you include a coin your friend can give you back on receipt of the gift, there’s been a payment made and no harm to the friendship.

If you really want to make a keen cook’s Christmas, it’s hard to go past a classic KitchenAid. At $1,099, it’s not a cheap gift, but it really will last a lifetime. Baking, bread-making and mixing will all become so much simpler, and the timeless good looks of the KitchenAid will also make it a winner on any benchtop.

If you know someone who’s recently invested in an induction cooktop, or just someone who loves to cook, give them a high-end saucepan that will work well on all surfaces (gas and electric as well). The 28cm Fiskars lidded sauté pan ($209.99) is perfect — designed and made in Finland, it’s made of thick aluminium for even heat distribution, and utilises Energy Base technology to ensure faster heating. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe.

For the design lover

For the person who has everything, a stylish jug that can double as a vase, water jug and display piece is an ideal gift. Each LSA Moya glass jug ($149.99) is handmade in Poland by skilled artisan glassblowers.

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