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Guide to Gift Giving
Posted in Christmas

Guide to Gift Giving

We don’t want to stress you out, but… Christmas is just around the corner. And along with carols on repeat in every shop, this time of year means lists to check twice, people who’ve been naughty and nice, and all manner of food to cook and serve up in time for the big day.

Luckily, Stevens has come to the Christmas rescue this year with all-new gift hampers. They are perfect for those tricky-to-buy-for people because you can customise them (and, while we’re talking festive stressors, when it comes to making sure your turkey’s not dry we recommend investing in a meat thermometer).

You can call into any Stevens’ store throughout the country and pick up a stylish wooden gift box for just $7.99, or you can buy one online. Then it’s simply a matter of filling it with the perfect items for your lucky recipient. We’ve made a few suggestions below, and our friendly sales assistants are also happy to help put together selections to suit the toughest brief. From the random relative you’ve drawn in your Kris Kringle to the hardest-to-please corporate client, Stevens has a hamper to suit.

For the kids’ teachers

Want to say "thanks for filling my child’s mind with useful things, and for putting up with their occasional bad behaviour”? This coffee and cardamom Max Benjamin candle will bring a reviving scent to any study space (there’s a range of other scents if you think your teacher would prefer something floral or citrus), while the gorgeous Murchison-Hume hand cream is ideal for keeping hands smooth and nourished, no matter how much hand-washing and homework-marking they’re subjected to.

For the host with the most

Whether you’re heading to stay with friends or relatives over the summer holidays, or just want to thank the person who’s selflessly agreed to have 25 family members over for Christmas lunch, a hamper with a few key entertaining essentials will be a hit. Beautiful Bayly & Collis dip bowls are perfect for presenting everything from olives to hummus, while the Wildly Delicious red pepper jelly is delicious with cheese and crackers (there’s also a Wildly Delicious cranberry sauce available, if you’re a traditionalist when it comes to turkey trimmings). And who wouldn’t love a stylish cheese knife set? Throw in a luxe tea towel, and you’ve got the perfect gift box.

For the gentlemen

We don’t like to resort to cliché but… is your dad/partner/brother just a smidge tricky to buy for? A hamper for the discerning man should sort that out. The Amola range of flavoured salts includes a Bloody Mary version - perfect for adding to festive season tipples (pro cocktail tip - rim the glass with flavoured salt), or for giving barbecued meats a bit of seasoning punch. Our classic Thermos will keep hot foods or drinks hot for hours and cool foods, er, cool, making it great for work lunches (or road trips) at any time of year. It’s hard to resist the genius of the Gentlemen’s Hardware bar tools utility knife, which is the kind of gadget everyone wants in their back pocket at this time of year. And the ingenious Entube spice pastes are a quick and easy way to add plenty of flavour to whatever you’re cooking, making it simple to pass yourself off as an inspired cook.

For the lover of pretty things

A nice approach when putting together a gift hamper is to look for gifts that complement each other tonally or share a common theme. The Max Benjamin True Lavender candle would make a lovely starting point - continue the floral mood with this sweet reusable water bottle, and work with the pastel tones by including a pretty tea towel and a useful pastry brush. Finally, add a touch of bling with these festive cookie cutters which can do double duty as tree or mantelpiece ornaments.

For the serious foodies

If you want a special gift for someone who’s serious about good food, make their year with a bottle of Noble Handcrafted maple syrup. Widely acclaimed as the world’s best maple syrup, it’s fantastic as an ingredient in all kinds of dishes, as well as drizzled over French toast and pancakes. And it’s also available in sweet mini bottles that are perfect for hampers. Round out the ultimate foodie gift pack with a few other essentials - we love Microplane zesters and graters, while a great paring knife (the new range from Furi is fantastic) should also be part of every good cook’s arsenal.

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