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Make Dad's Day
Posted in Gift Ideas

Make Dad's Day

We’ve got Father’s Day sorted with great gift ideas for all budgets.

Father’s Day is coming up, and we’ve done the hard work for you by sourcing great gifts that dads of all ages will love. Whatever your budget, we have a suggestion, meaning you can give the socks and Scorched Almonds a miss this year and give the man in your life the right gift on September 2nd.

Under $50

Generally speaking, dads like good food (and, if you give him something delicious, the chances are high that he might share his treats). McClure's Sweet & Spicy Pickles, $19.99, are a winner: excellent in burgers, sandwiches, toasties or simply on an antipasto platter, they’re the perfect piquant bite. Or, if your dad’s all about condiments, introduce him to the Lillie's Q Smoky BBQ Sauce, $22.99. Made in the American South (the spiritual home of barbecue cooking), it has hints of brown sugar with a dash of smoke, and is a perfect match for ribs or sausies.

Speaking of barbecue, coming into spring your dad will no doubt be dusting his outdoor grill off. Get him excited about it with some new kit from Davis and Waddell. The Davis & Waddell barbecue brush, $24.99, is a heavy-duty wide brush that’s ideal for cleaning down the grill, while the Davis & Waddell slider burger press, $39.99, will help him to create perfectly formed mini burger patties every time (there’s also a larger single burger press available). And if he’s a big fan of slow-cooked meat, he’ll love the genius Davis & Waddell meat shredding claws, $19.99.

Is your dad into beer? Raise his glass game with a fancy set: we like the Durobor Grand Cru glasses, $29.99 for two. Accompany your glasses with a few bottles of craft beer for an extra-thoughtful gift. Or, if your dad likes non-alcoholic options, give him a bottle of Soda Press syrup, $16.99. Available in a range of flavours, including Pink Grapefruit, Old Fashioned Lemonade and Blonde Cola, they’re perfect mixed with sparkling water to create deliciously thirst-quenching drinks (and they’re also great in cocktails).

Under $100

Dads often like to find more efficient ways to do things in the kitchen. The Gentlemen's Hardware herb chopping board, $59.99, is a circular chopping board that comes with a mezzaluna knife (a semicircle blade with two handles), and will help your dad to feel like a masterchef.

If your dad doesn’t own a great knife, make his day by investing in one on his behalf because a high-quality knife will transform his time in the kitchen and last a lifetime. We like the Furi range, from $54.99, made from super-strong Japanese stainless steel.

Any keen cook or barbecue master needs a stylish apron to really look the part— we’re fans of the Capital Kitchen Shoreditch denim apron, $59.99.

Got a coffee-fiend for a father, grandfather or godfather? Introduce him to a new way of making his morning cup of joe with the Bodum pourover coffee maker, $59.99. Pourover methods of coffee brewing bring out the unique flavour of your chosen coffee beans; accompany your gift with a Bodum Bistro coffee grinder, $69.99, and let your dad really take control of his brew.

If your dad enjoys a bit of experimenting in the kitchen, chances are he’ll appreciate the Mad Millies Old-Fashioned Ginger Beer Kit, $89.99. It can be used to brew either alcoholic or non-alcoholic ginger beer, with no preservatives and loads of flavour. The kit comes complete with a fermenting jar and reuseable bottles to decant your ginger beer in, as well as all the essential ingredients for making it.

Blow the budget

If it’s really time to spoil your dad, go for a piece of cookware that will last for years. Fiskars Finnish pots and pans range from $99.99 to $239.99 and are legacy items that will see your dad through numerous cooking challenges.

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